SmartComm Electronics is a Singapore based specialist in the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, hardware, and software. At the age where the mass has come to a conscious that internet is the solution to everything, we are the foreseer who has anticipated the technology trend. We provide unique solutions that can solve various industrial problems which are commonly faced in everyday life.

Our state-of-the-art invention IVMS 7.0. is a video GPS tracking solution which transmits your vehicle’s information such as location, route, moving status, speed, and instant images back to you simultaneously. Its 3 in 1 solution includes GPS tracking, video streaming, recording, and playback as well as reverse cameras to avoid blind spot.

Under the effective leadership of Harvey Wang, our company continues to expand throughout the year. SmartComm Electronics is proud to be the award winner of SME Go Digital pre-approved solution in 2005, “Top Business Achiever” award in 2016, and PSG grant pre-approved solution in April 2018.

We envision ourselves to be the leading IoT solution provider in the world to come first on the list. Driven by creative ideas, we transform abstract concepts into practical action to solve our customer’s problems. We see increase the productivity and safety of our industry partners who leverage our creative solutions as our end goal. At SmartComm Electronics, we never stop innovating.

  • Based in ASIA, we are able to offer more competitive pricings and faster support. ( compared to USA and Europe suppliers )
  • We support full customization according to end-users’ requirement.
  • We support initial small quantity built-up program.
  • Exclusive product rights will be awarded for design-wins for our partners/system integrators.
  • Private / OEM label is possible for protection rights,  and local content award.
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