ZS-2 (Portable & Table Top Docking Station)

Body Worn Camera Docking Station; 10 Ports for Body Camera

  • Durable High Performance Industrial Mainboard
  • Support Data Uploading for 12 Body Cameras
  • Auto Uploading
  • Uploading Priority
  • Fast Charging
  • Maximum 34TB Hard Drives Storage
  • BWC Data is automatically upload, form into a file and attribute to the binding user name.
  • Data upload continually after the connection is restored,without lost
  • BWC will be wiped automatically after data downloaded
  • Data stored by time and date, device ID, user ID.
  • Charging & Timing
  • Data Upload
  • Auto Upload the data to server
  • Files management:  Find, review, export all audio and video files by ID, name, time, remarks info.
Hardware Design Portable & Table Top
Weight 10kgs
Size 435 * 390 * 165mm
Protection Grade IP68
Screen 14-inch Touch LCD
Ports 12 Pcs USB Connecting
CPU Intel@ Celeron J1900/4 Cores/2.0GHz
Internal Memory 4GB
System Storage 64GB
Disk Storage 4TB, Up To 32TB
Environment T: -10°C~55°C
RH: 35%~80%
Data Management Data Review Viewing, Playing, Exporting, and Deleting Imported Data On Docking Station
Data Export Officer’s Info, Time, Remarks
Data Storage Data Can Be Auto Clean Up, Deleted, By Deadline Set
Data Safety Only Authorized Run it
Data Acquisition Bound BWC Only Accept The BWC ID Bounded
Data Download Data is Automatically Upload, Form Into a File and Attribute To The Binding User Name.
Interruption Data Upload Continuely After The Connection is Restored, Without Lost
Wipe Data BWC Will Be Wiped Automatically After Data Downloaded
Classify & Store Data Stored By Time and Date, Device ID, User ID.
Charging & Timing Auto
Data Upload Auto Upload The Data To Server
Files Management Find, Review, Export All Audio and Video Files By ID, Name, Time, Remarks Info.
System Upgrade Storage Capacity Smooth Expansion
Upgrade Remote Upgrade
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